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Daniel Dietrich


Daniel Dietrich is a full time wildlife photographer and owner of Point Reyes Safaris. He started Conservation Kids with the hope of connecting more kids to nature through the use of photography. Daniel sits on the ethics committee for the North America Nature Photography Association (NANPA) and on the board of directors for the Environmental Action Committee. You can view his work at www.danieldietrichphotography.com and www.pointreyessafaris.com.

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Jennifer Joynt


The first time I saw a bobcat in the wild was a truly transformative experience for me. I only wished it had happened decades earlier. With Conservation Kids, I hope to help create similar moments for young people just discovering their passions. Even more, I hope to inspire a love of our wild animals and our wild lands and a desire to preserve and protect them.


Fiona O'Kelly

Bay Area native Fiona O’Kelly has spent over twenty years as an environmental educator and naturalist exploring the wilds of Marin and surrounding counties. She has lived in Point Reyes since 2003 and was a naturalist and administrator for a local environmental education-focused summer camp before most recently working as a seasonal Park Guide in the Interpretation Division for Point Reyes National Seashore. She is a Certified California Naturalist and has a deep connection to the land of Point Reyes. 


Derick Carss

I was drawn to California by the beauty of the landscapes and opportunities to explore the great outdoors, but the diverse wildlife of Point Reyes especially amazed me. As a designer I’m delighted to support Conservation Kids, connecting the next generation with the protection of our shared environment.